Automatic To Manual License

Change Automatic to Manual License in Melbourne

Do you want to convert your automatic licence to a manual? Driver Training Victoria is a qualified and accredited driving school with a team of CPVV accredited instructors who have proficient knowledge. We can help you learn how to drive vehicles in a manual gearbox and go from an automatic to manual licence in Melbourne. You can rely on us to provide a high standard of tuition and give you the best opportunity to change an automatic driving licence to manual. We’re well-trained, highly experienced, friendly and patient, which allows us to build your skills and confidence to pass a test and earn anything from a C Class licence to a full driving licence.


An automatic license is a license that enables you to only drive a car with an automatic transmission.

If you carry a manual licence, you can drive both automatic and manual gearbox. If you have an automatic licence, you must sit a test to upgrade from an auto to manual licence in Vic.

Generally, it’s easier to pass a driving test in an automatic car, as you may feel less nervous and able to focus on other factors in the test such as your speed and your mirrors.

There’s no set number of driving lessons. Some learners need more lessons depending on their progress. Your driving instructor will advise you on many you need after the first lesson is conducted.

Upgrade Your Licence Today

If you need help changing an automatic license to a manual one, the team at Driver Training Victoria can help. Simply call us on 1300 066 680 or submit an enquiry online to book and we’ll make every effort to assist you with a license upgrade or license renewal.



Transmission: Manual
Area: Hume

Hi! I’m Erkan but everyone calls me Erks. Helping others learn has become my passion and a very rewarding experience for both myself and the learners.

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Transmission: Automatic
Area: Moonee Valley

Hi, I’m Mona. My learning strategies will vary from verbal, theoretic, imaginative or visual scenarios including hazard management tasks that will give you capability to think ahead.

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