Driving Test Preparation

Driving Test Preparation in Melbourne

Do you want tailored driving lessons to prepare for your drive test with VicRoads? At Driver Training Victoria, we can help you prepare for your test and give you the best chance of success. We boast a team of CPVV accredited instructors who possess proficient road knowledge, allowing us to conduct the best driving test preparation in Melbourne. Our specialist instructor will assess your current skills, provide feedback, implement new techniques, and focus on areas of improvement based on your needs. You can rest assured that our VicRoads driving test preparation is affordable and of the highest standard.


There is no hard or easy place to pass your driving test. If you can drive safely, you should be able to pass a driving test at any location. However, some drive test locations and times are quieter or busier than others.

In the drive test, you are allowed two critical errors. However, you can only have 1 critical error in Stage 1, or 2 critical errors in Stage 2 with none in Stage 1.

Our VicRoads driving license test preparation lessons start as early as 7:30am and finish as late as 7pm. With daylight savings, we can conduct your drive test preparation lessons up to 8pm.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to a driving test. With an experienced supervisor or driving instructor, you can undertake practical driving test preparation lessons that help you prepare and achieve your goals.

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Transmission: Manual
Area: Hume

Hi! I’m Erkan but everyone calls me Erks. Helping others learn has become my passion and a very rewarding experience for both myself and the learners.

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Transmission: Automatic
Area: Moonee Valley

Hi, I’m Mona. My learning strategies will vary from verbal, theoretic, imaginative or visual scenarios including hazard management tasks that will give you capability to think ahead.

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