Dual Control Car Hire

Dual Control Car Hire in Melbourne

When learning to teach how to drive, you’ll know that you and the learner behind the wheel will be safe. Knowing that you could “hire a dual control” car gives you much needed confidence and peace of mind. Our 5-Star ANCAP safety vehicles are outfitted with a set of pedals on the passenger side, allowing instructors to stop the car or make adjustments as required. Our dual control car hire in Melbourne helps you to carry on with your future scheduled lessons and driving tests without any hassle or worrying about not having a vehicle. A “dual control driving instructor’’ helps learners gain confidence on the road with safer vehicles.

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While it’s not compulsory for instructors to have dual control, all of our vehicles are fitted with dual control for the safety of both parties participating in a dual control car driving test. This allows for instructors to demonstrate scenarios on our roads to help you learn to drive correctly.

Yes, of course – our instructors are experienced enough to teach you in your car. This can be discussed directly with your driving instructor, as there are more factors that come into play.

When driving in our vehicles, our driving instructors have brake, accelerator and clutch (manual vehicles only) pedals.

It’s highly recommended that our driving instructors do not use dual controls during the test, as it will lead to an immediate termination of your drive test. Driving instructors only use the dual control in case of an emergency during the driving assessment. At Driver Training Victoria our Driver and Passengers safety is priority.

Yes, we offer dual control car hire for driving test and driving lesson use for qualified driving instructors.

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Look no further than Driver Training Victoria for dual control driving school cars that are safe and easy to learn in. Give us a call on 1300 066 680 or send an email to info@drivertrainingvictoria.com.au



Transmission: Manual
Area: Hume

Hi! I’m Erkan but everyone calls me Erks. Helping others learn has become my passion and a very rewarding experience for both myself and the learners.

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Transmission: Automatic
Area: Moonee Valley

Hi, I’m Mona. My learning strategies will vary from verbal, theoretic, imaginative or visual scenarios including hazard management tasks that will give you capability to think ahead.

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