Learner Log Book Compliance

Learner Log Book Check

Every learner driver is required to accurately log the hours they spend behind the wheel. This ensures they have adequate practice and experience driving in various conditions to become a safe, resilient and confident driver. At Driver Training Victoria, we proudly offer a supervised driving and log book check service to make sure learners are recording their hours accurately and thoroughly. Our full log book package guarantees that learner drivers comply with Vic Road standards and guidelines.

A Meticulous Approach

We understand the importance of learner log book compliance in Melbourne. Failing to record your hours correctly can mean you’re underprepared for your driving test and can also increase the likelihood of mistakes and accidents on the road. Our goal is to help aspiring drivers keep their learner log book up-to-date and accurate so that they have the best opportunity to develop their skills and pass their tests. We provide comprehensive drivers notes, focusing on areas of improvement and providing constructive feedback along the way. We’re confident that a properly filled out VicRoads learner log book will stand you in good stead. We pride ourselves on being thorough and meticulous with your learner driver logbook in Melbourne to ensure nothing is overlooked.


You will need to purchase a new VicRoads learner log book. We recommend using the MyLearners App to log your driving hours so that you don’t have to worry about misplacing a physical copy.
Yes, they accept logbooks that are filled out correctly.
You can acquire a learner’s logbook at your local VicRoads customer service centre.

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Transmission: Manual
Area: Hume

Hi! I’m Erkan but everyone calls me Erks. Helping others learn has become my passion and a very rewarding experience for both myself and the learners.

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Transmission: Automatic
Area: Moonee Valley

Hi, I’m Mona. My learning strategies will vary from verbal, theoretic, imaginative or visual scenarios including hazard management tasks that will give you capability to think ahead.

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