Our Mission

Driver Training Victoria’s mission is to provide professional driving lessons provided by our CPVV Accredited Driving Instructor’s that are capable to train and educate learners to become safer drivers on Victorian Roads.  

Our driving school is a qualified and accredited school that is tailored to our learners’ needs in order to help build confidence and driving skills on our roads.  

According to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) for a 12-month period to March 2021 a total of 207 people lost their lives on Victorian roads, 192 of them were fatal crashes.  

51.7% (107) of lives lost were drivers, 16.4% (34) were motorcyclists, 14% (29) were pedestrians, 13% (27) were passengers and 4.8% (10) were bicyclists. 

We believe to some extent the mentioned statistics sadly could have been avoided. Our passion towards road safety is our priority, this means that we are here to assist. We are here to deliver and achieve a future generation of safer drivers who are capable and resilient.

At Driver Training Victoria, we pride ourselves on our high standard of tuition. By learning with us, you are ensuring the best chance of success and many years of safe driving!

The secret of becoming a confident and competent driver is to choose a driving school and a driving instructor who understands your individual needs – whose expertise, patience, and guidance will turn an otherwise stressful occasion into a positive and rewarding experience.

Driver Training Victoria provides you with everything that you want in a driving school.

  • Cheap driving lessons

  • Expert instructions from qualified instructors

  • Safe modern vehicles

  • Instructors in various locations for your convenience

  • Everything you need to become a competent and confident drive


Why choose us? It’s simply because our driving lessons are unique. At Driver Training Victoria we value a high level of service. We believe if we achieve a high level of standards this will help learners reach their goals with confidence and skill.

We value high standard of practice and high level of driving lessons. Getting your licence is a major event in your life and when it comes to selecting the appropriate drive school to get you ready, don’t think further! We strive to achieve high successful pass rates and first-time pass rates.

Need a lesson on how to reverse parallel park? Learners in the past say that they learnt this new skill in ten minutes! This shows that we tailor our lessons to your needs.

It is our pleasure to assess your current driving skills, implement new techniques to get you ready on the road in no time! Lessons vary from beginning to advanced skill. Whether its learning to steer, using pedals, positioning the vehicle on the road or turning into and out of streets, we’ll get you into shape with those back to basic skills that will assist you driving and hitting the road with skill.

Our joy is witnessing our learners moving forward and accomplishing their goals and celebrating their achievements!


Our accredited instructors focus on your capabilities and address your needs and areas you need practice. Our instructors are friendly, confident, experienced and well trained in the field. You can trust and rely on our team behind the wheel.

We will prioritise your safety and avoid situations on the road, away from dangerous drivers, by moving in the other direction of travel or even just simply pulling over to the kerb and release the traffic congestion behind you in the lane, so we can focus on you and that your able to learn at your own pace.

We also provide feedback, areas of improvement and give you directions on what will suit you best moving forward.


Our helpful instructors will input the data into your logbook or ‘mylearners’ app at the end of the drive and provide guidance on how to entry the correct information, whether you have driven on a single or multi lane road, a busy road or a freeway, a fine or wet day and all the other information needed when entering data.

Forgot to ‘start your drive’ on the ‘mylearners’ app or forgot your logbook? We take a record of everything you need to entry that information at a later time! We’ve got you covered.

Stressed about whether Vicroads staff will not count your hours driven? Sit back and stress free as our instructors assess your ‘my learners’ application and/or logbook. They’ll ensure all supervised driver have signed all the necessary declarations so you are prepared for your drive test and attending with complete confidence!



Transmission: Manual
Area: Hume

Hi! I’m Erkan but everyone calls me Erks. Helping others learn has become my passion and a very rewarding experience for both myself and the learners.

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Transmission: Automatic
Area: Moonee Valley

Hi, I’m Mona. My learning strategies will vary from verbal, theoretic, imaginative or visual scenarios including hazard management tasks that will give you capability to think ahead.

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